NOTE: This is a demo, depending on how the game does I'll think about finishing it.

Move one and move them all!

KAT is a puzzle game which combines moving all the pieces at once and a rock paper scissors like "battle" system.


  • T-menu
  • R-reset
  • WASD to move

basic gameplay

  • Press one of the WASD keys to move to your specified direction
  • Knight> Archer> Thief
    > = kills
  • HS - HighScore, aka the number of stars you got on your last win of the same level( maximum 3).

    Other stuff

    Programming and "art" done by me
    Music by

More information

Published57 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Tags16-bit, 2D, Casual, puzzle, Tilemap based tools, unty


Download (13 MB)


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Would like an indication that the last level has been finished. (currently looks like Level 15- Teamwork has jammed on finishing it.)

If you mean as in going to the next level, since this is a prototype there is only 15 levels.

just an "end of game" message should suffice during this stage of development.